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Another missing item

Joining in

Why has yet another prepaid item gone MISSING, yet yodel are LYING about it being delivered at 1.40pm, when I was stood OUTSIDE my door at that precise time, and saw NO SUCH delivery van, driver, parcel nor paperwork, this is the 2nd time its happened, and I will instruct my legal team to investigate this, and prosecute where necessary, maybe some media exposure might just make these lying thieving individuals think twice about their unprofessional unnecessary unacceptable behaviour 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @JDE80 👋.

Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear that your parcel has gone missing. Have you managed to get in touch with us to source a replacement as yet? Please let us know.

In regards to the loss of parcels with Yodel, I would advise to contact their 👉 help 👈 section for parcels that have been marked as delivered but there is no parcel. They also have a complaints section where you can log your dismay with the parcel issue. 

Keep us updated.


Something really strange happened yesterday, I was extremely unhappy at yet another lost/delayed item not being delivered at 1.40pm to my address, by Yodel, and I have proof of this, due to the CCTV cameras recently installed on our estate cul delivered sac, I was stood outside my front door from 1.20pm till around 2.00pm, clearing away the bushes and rubbish that gathered, and no such registed/marked Yodel van entered, after I'd complained on Ebay, and tried unsuccessfully to call Yodel (they have no love voice-calls) my doorbell rang at 6.00pm, upon opening the door, I saw a parcel left outside my door, and a gentleman walking back to an unmarked car, who wave to me, which I assumed to be the Yodel driver, there was no explanation as to why it was late, who he was, no paperwork, or why I apparently received this so-called parcel at "1.40pm) what poor customer service and business is this, I'm happy to receive the said item, but no explanation, no accountability from anyone, it makes me wonder if the driver was contacted in between the time I complained, till around 6.00pm, when this package mysteriously appeared....

Hi JDE80 👋

We're sorry to hear about this experience. To clarify, was this delivery for Virgin Media equipment, or items?


Reece - Forum Team

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No, this was an order put in via Ebay, and unfortunately the company uses Yodel for their deliveries, personally Yodel aren't very reliable at all, in my personal opinion, as they leave no calling card, have no direct live person to speak to, via Customer Service Enquiries, and limited options on their webchat etc, at least Hermes and other companies knock your door, take a photo of the paid for product been delivered, and send you visual photographic evidence via email etc