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Another house but a new account.

Joining in

Hi, I have rented a house with Virgin Media broadband installed for my family. Now I'm moving out to live on my own and renting another flat. How can I install Virgin Media again? I'm not moving home as I want to use the service from Virgin Media for both addresses. Do I need to create a new Virgin Media account?


Problem sorter

Hi @LeeR1 ,

Thank you for reaching out to us here, welcome to the community.

There is no issue in having two accounts with us, it is a little unusual, but not a problem. I am happy to support you with this to ensure you have a smooth installation.

If it’s ok with you I will send you a private message for a little more detail and start things moving for you?

thank you once again,


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Okay, you can pm me via text or WhatsApp at 07450566862. Thanks