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Aggressive marketing or needy ?


Just want to share my last night story - there was a problem in our area and the broadband was down for hours, no updates found.. just 'techincal issues' - I know, it happens. Initially it was meant to be fixed by 9:40pm - only to find out it was only fixed next day. 

Long story short, I have done the self-help service on VM's online page and agreed to get emails with updates - that was a mistake - a few emails received in the evening with the same update, nothing new from the original statement - again, no complains.. until today when I am peacefully home and my phone decided to 'throw a party'.

Over 14-15 emails to take the survey related to the issues in approx. 20 minutes.

What is all about ? Are you trying to lose or win customers ? I've already had a bad experience with your customer services when I moved to another address. 

Your move VM, please use it wisely.


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