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After 16 years or so it’s time to try something new

Dialled in

Well team,


I’ve loved being apart of this community and the people I’ve met while beta testing however after 16 years, I’ve decided that some of the recent problems I have had, along with the 21.5% price increase on my last bill, that it’s time for me to part ways with my VM setup.

VM is still great cable offering and I would encourage users new and old to keep in mind sometimes problems occur and to remain balanced in the community as it’s all to easy to complain but no one ever comes to tell you they had an awesome service.

To the VM community team thank you for all you do to keep grandmas to grandkids connected digitally. I hope to see you at some upcoming Khoros events. Btw the new community UI is significantly better.

My last day on my VM service is June 2nd, although I will be offline most of the time from then until now.

Allen Smitth
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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @AllenSmith 

You need to do what's right for yourself. Looking at your previous posts it's a shame you couldn't negotiate a better deal via retentions. Good luck with City Fibre ( I'm assuming you are moving to them as that's what you mentioned previously) Hopefully we'll see yuo return in the not too distant future.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
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Thank you for your kind words, I’m deliberately avoiding mentioning who I’m going to because I don’t want this post  to degenerate into the conversations I see else where about why to move to one vs the others.

everyone should go with which ever isps best suits their need, at this time.. for me.. in my circumstances the time has come to try something new..

Allen Smitth
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My Broadband Ping - VM Connection

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@AllenSmith wrote:


<snip>  Btw the new community UI is significantly better.  <snip>.

Let's just agree to disagree on this one   😉   

Good luck with the new ISP btw,  I left recently but due to unforeseen circumstances with my other ISP, I had to come back to VM, but on a good Black Friday deal.

To be fair to VM, I didn't leave for any other reason than it suited to look elsewhere.  I was with VM for many, many years (512K at the start!) and have had excellent service. 

However I would point out, I have used all the VM kit as modems only, as I have always used my own networking kit.


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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Wouldn’t life be boring if we all just agreed lol.

nope your totally entitled to your opinion, however as someone who builds a worldwide community on the same platform as the VM community do I appreciate the work they have but in and how difficult it can be as it rarely matters what you change someone won’t like it:)


anyways like you always modem mode. I’m looking forward to some 6E goodness and finally ipv6 connections 🙂

Allen Smitth
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My Broadband Ping - VM Connection

On our wavelength

Hi Allen

I've been with Virgin since it was known as Nynex so that's around 33 years and to be honest I got fed up of intermittent faults and price increases, calling to get a lower price for it to go up again a few months later.  And when I asked what they can do for loyal, NOT NEW, customers like me the answer was nothing, so from the 8th June 2023 I will be with TalkTalk 

Joining in

hi allen

all i can say is me2

after 23 years of getting really good broadband (since the days of it being run by nynex)

i to have had enough. My bill has risen by 33% while i am still in contract until september. I have had alsorts of problems trying to contact virgin, if the ai that runs there chatbox is anything to go by then the only threat ai is to the furture of  man is it may kill us all by sheer frustration also there app seems to have been put together by the proverbial infinite number of monkeys at infinite computer screens.So yes i am also walking and now i know its not just me.So good luck to you and may your broadband be forever fast


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I have also been with Nynex and now still with Virgin. I have found that care for the customer has fallen dramatically in recent years, and certainly not in keeping with the price rises. I have been online since before the internet, using a common bulletin board sited in Manchester. Today, my email is down, and I do happen to have a very important email to send, but cannot. Things do happen, but the lack of communication on status, by any means, is in my view, unacceptable. I have been in computers all my life, from R&D in two labs, through to a senior consultant working globally, and now at 82, I cannot believe what is going on. Good luck to you all, I will also now look elsewhere to see if I can find a company that still values its customers.

Yozzer, I feel for you. Fortunately, I've both yahoo and gmail accounts 'in reserve', but I really, really do not want to have to change e-mail details of a dozen sites' 'registered' accounts. By the time I've negotiated those, VM's hapless mail-server would probably be back up and running, so I'd have to go back and re-set them to 'Blueyonder'...

What did not help was that Thunderbird updated their e-mail app just before VM mail went down. Now, given Windows' infamous track record for updates breaking stuff, I was a tad concerned. At least this time I did not go into a frenzy of re-entering log-ons, pass-words etc etc...

VM's status report ? "We're doing some work on the site..."


On our wavelength

The only reason I stayed for another contract was that I couldn't persuade my wife to change her email address and all the online accounts registered to it.  I was heartily put off with the sales pitch from Virgin who wanted to up my contract to £90 but add in all the sport channels (which I wouldn't watch), give me a second TV box (I only have one TV), add on free phone calls (I rarely use the landline), give me wifi range extenders (I already have a full mesh network) and up my speed to 500Mb (I'm happy with the 380Mb).  When I said I just wanted what I already had the salesman said he didn't have an offer for that and told me I wouldn't get data speeds like this from anyone else! (I have already had three fibre offers from rivals for a 900Mb service).

After speaking to retentions I kept the same package for a 25% or so increase but will call it day next time.  A man from BT called at the door recently and told me BT will pay to buy you out of your Virgin contract, even though I've only just started a new one. He also said if you leave Virgin they will let you keep your email for £6 per month, which would help the changeover. If the email service is anything like the last 24 hours have been I'll be glad to see the back of it.