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Abusing Manger

Just questioned a manger on the standard of work on my drive, we don't have footpaths but there is a entry and exit strip at the bottom of the drive.

Ask the manager if he thought it was up to standard before he even got to the drive and he said yes.

Then asked if I am a civil engineer, then walked off and called me a **bleep** sap!

great work Virgin, reported to council and local councillors. Reported to Virgin.

Question is should I leave my car over the work, as once it has been reinstated it will never get put back to the right standard

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Re: Abusing Manger

You're unlikely to have it replaced to the original standard, the council don't specify that this needs to happen it just needs to be put back in a usable condition and will likely have already been signed off as fine, unless there is an actual structural fault nothing is likely to be done about the drive itself, you're free to make a complaint but you'll likely find that the call wasn't one of the ones they recorded at random 😛