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A massive thank you to VM-Jon

Hi all, I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for one of the team here VM-Jon. I posted about the possibility of getting Virgin fibre extended to my house from a neighbouring property back in September, and Jon responded that he'd help me out. When I explained the situation to Jon he was immediately helpful and invested in understanding the issues I was facing in getting setup, was quick to respond and was always friendly in tone, which continued throughout. I don't think either of us at this point knew that we'd both be in for an almost 5 month rollercoaster of ups and downs trying to get my house setup with fibre.

Throughout the arduous process there were many many challenges to overcome, an actually unbelievable amount considering the perceived simplicity of what needed to be done. Notable moments are when a virgin contractor assessed the property and said it was impossible, Jon sought out a second opinion and pushed for a reassessment that came back positive. Also in the last week's when the process had been dragging for 4 months already, Jon's repeated pushing and escalation to management and higher-ups was instrumental in keeping the ball rolling, where he just as easily could have left it as it was and done a lot less.

As of this morning, I now have Fibre in my house. Ultimately I feel Jon was fantastic in his optimism, professionalism and helpfulness and truly went above and beyond in helping me out with this. I work in the film industry and deal with very large file sizes that were impossible to deal with on my previous connection, and now I will be able to comfortably work from home for the foreseeable future. Just thought he deserved a public mention for his work. Thanks again Jon!


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Re: A massive thank you to VM-Jon

I'm sure @VM-Jon will appreciate the feedback 😀.