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£5324/month bill

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In the mid 1990s I was with a tiny outfit called Cable Online which would, in turn, (I think) become Cabletel, then NTL, then Virgin Net, then Virgin Media.

I was on metered billing on my 28 kbs connection at just a penny a Mb.

Translating that on to my current usage gives the above figure (although I recall paying around £30 then (- dial up, download, quickly disconnect see). 

Most ISPs these days grant unlimited usage but one of the highly rated smaller players still does metered (albeit on an initial 1 Tb cap).

Is there still business sense in doing this do you think? 

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It works, but only on a very small scale.  The big boys buy them out eventually.  Costs rise, so they need more customers, so they have to slow the speed down a bit to accommodate (more) users.  Eventually they run out of capacity, (need more customers) therefore requiring yet more infrastructure and 'leccy to power it all.  Then they run out of money. 

My VM bill has risen to £71 pm.  A speed bump up would be nice here to reward continuing loyalty, however, I don't expect anything.  No customers, no (need for extra) infrastructure.  I understand that Rolls Royce can do mini nuclear power stations, so maybe that would be an idea to supply ISP's/data centres etc with 'leccy.

Cable & Wireless used to do an unlimited 50p weekend call thing, where I would get a number off my then dialup ISP (they had at least 100-150 numbers) then stay on internet all night.

[TL;DR] No, I don't think so.  Infrastructure/capacity/price point is always gonna be a problem.

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