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20+ years blueyonder/Virgin customer, time to leave

Joining in

Have been without broadband since Sunday before last (10 days now).

I'm not sure if it's a local area manager who is at fault or some other reason, but I've never ever ever seen it this bad.

The second day they said: "we've identified the problem and have engineers onsite working hard to fix it" - it was and has continued to be a lie every day since.

How do I know? I made a fuss about a week ago (before I stopped caring) and retentions put me through to someone on the faults team. The person was lovely and honest and just said: "it keeps getting postponed".

VM are just taking us for fools and have zero respect for it's customers it seems.






Joining in


It must have been an incredible co-incidence but since posting this message last night our broadband service has finally be restored.

My contact on cancellations had been trying to get hold of the area manager for two days and I was waiting to hear back from her. Maybe she managed to get his attention. 

Mixed feelings about staying - will have to decide - but would very much like to know the actual reason for this delay and why it was managed so poorly at a customer service and communication level.


Pretty pointless of VM to explain the technical reasons for a fault as it is likely to be meaningless to most customers. And in some cases it's impossible to know when the fault will be fixed.

You should be entitled to automatic compensation.

Good luck in finding another ISP which never has a lengthy outage.

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