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Merry Christmas






We're feeling festive here at VMHQ and wanted to wish you all a cracking Christmas, and the very best for you and yours in 2015. 


It's been a big year for our community - as a team we feel we've started to find our feet - we've completed a redesign of the community and introduced our SuperUser programme too.


And we're pleased to let you know there's even more to look forward to in the new year. 


To make way for some really exciting changes we'll be having a bit of a shuffle around with the boards in January they'll be more streamlined, easier to follow and more specific where they need to be. We'll also be introducing an archive which will keep all the articles which may be out of date on hand for reference, but out of the way for those looking for answers via Google.


What's more, you may have noticed our Online Help & Support pages over at now let customers view relevant helpful answers from this very community - which we think is a fantastic way to spread all that lovely support even further. 


Talking of lovely support - we've got some thank yous to send your way. Because this place isn't about us, it's about you. And in 2014... You rocked it. 


So far this year you've posted 203,000 times! You've given 18300 kudos and shared almost 5200 helpful answers. 


On average that's 575 new Posts, 52 Kudos Given and 15 Helpful Answers every single day. We think that's pretty epic stuff. 


Thank you. 


We'd also like to thank our SuperUsers - they've responded, as a group, to a huge amount of questions. On average each SuperUser makes 135 posts per month and spend a huge amount of time sharing the incredible knowledge they have about our products, services and tech in general. 


So Merry Christmas one and all, we hope you've enjoyed the ride as much as we have. 


With festivity, 


The Virgin Media Help & Support Forum Team. 


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