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Using Netgear WGR614-6VGUKS as an access point along with Super Hub


I was wondering if there's any way of using the old Netgear WGR614-6VGUKS (I believe it's v6) as a wireless access point?

We've recently upgraded to the Virgin Super Hub (rubbish in my opinion) and unfortunately because they sent a self install package for it, it has to be positioned in a downstairs corner of our house. We used to have a netgear router positioned centrally which provided the whole house with a strong signal. Now with the new Hub, almost the whole upper level of our house receives almost no signal (I'm currently upstairs and am only getting around 15% signal on my laptop and my iphone 4 won't even pick up the network despite being physically only around 10ft away).

Annoyingly they've combined the modem wand the router meaning that's it's a huge effort to reposition it anywhere else in the house (getting a virgin engineer out, ridiculous costs, spending hours waiting etc.). I have no idea what was wrong with having a separate modem, most people I know prefer the freedom, don't know what virgin were thinking, especially with the poor quality of the router (dual link, oh wait, I think not...) and no ability to upgrade the antenna.

Luckily I have an existing ethernet cable wired upstairs to my office so my work computer could be hooked up easily and I was wondering if I could use my old Netgear router as an access point at the end of this as a connection for computers upstairs and so I can get wifi on my iphone in my bedroom?

Thanks for the help in advance!!

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Re: Using Netgear WGR614-6VGUKS as an access point along with Super Hub

I think this can be done quite easily...


  1. Connect the Netgear/access point to PC using Ethernet cable and login to the Neargear/access point firmware/admin page i.e or
  2. Change the IP address of the Netgear/access point. - So that it doesn't conflict with your Super Hub settings
  3. Disable the DHCP server of the Neargear/access point. Only one DHCP server should be used on the network.
  4. Connect a LAN port on the Neargear/access point to a LAN port on the router
  5. Configure SSID on Neargear/access point and wireless PCs so that they are the same
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Re: Using Netgear WGR614-6VGUKS as an access point along with Super Hub

if that was your old router and it did the whole house then put it back where it was - set the super hub to modem mode and you have exactly what you had before


if you want to keep the lan ports on the super hub then you should be able to use the router as an access point - log into it and turn off  - Use Router as DHCP Server - that i believe should be all you need to do


but as i said just go back to what you had athat worked with the super hub in modem mode


to do that log into it - look for the modem mode box and tick it - save and connect everything up - power cycle the super hub and you have it


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Re: Using Netgear WGR614-6VGUKS as an access point along with Super Hub

The Netgear router can't deal with the amount of traffic on the network and kept going down, that's why we upgraded. I was just thinking that splitting the traffic between 2 routers would stop the Netgear going down all the time.

I'm trying to set the Netgear up now as an access point but it's decided not to allow me access to the router setup for some unknown reason...

I got access to the set up 5 minutes ago but now it's not allowing me access even though I didn't get a chance to change any of the settings yet.

I'm fed up with the appalling technology and customer service that virgin provide with their broadband. You just know if you call up for assistance the best their going to be able to do is send out an engineer at the cost of the first 6 months (maybe 12) of broadband with their best competitor in the area, it's a joke.

How they can justify charging you extra for 'wireless broadband' and then send you a Virgin Super Hub is beyond me

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Re: Using Netgear WGR614-6VGUKS as an access point along with Super Hub

Don't really think it's fair to blame VM for not being able to help with setting up an obsolete router you bought elsewhere.