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v+ box problem

Last few days certain channels on v+ have become blocky and have interference. I decided to reboot the box. Its taken me an hour to get a reboot to work. Every time apart from the one that booted it sat at ld:30 and went no further. Is there a box problem or a line problem. Tivo box in another room seems perfectly ok on the same channels. 

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Re: v+ box problem

Check that the white cable is screwed in tightly. If it is, whatever the cause of the problem, you need to ring faults & get this looked at. Its not something you can resolve yourself.


Cable customer since 1993. Services: FH TV, Sky Sports & Movies (2xV+), Talk Unlim Telco, VIVID 100, Virgin PAYG Mobile


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Forum Team
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Re: v+ box problem

Hi fizz,


Thank you for posting on the Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear that you are getting errors and blocky/interference pictures on your service.


I have been able to access your account via your Forum details and run testing to your equipment. I'm seeing an issue with your equipment that will require an engineer visit in order to get this resolved for you.
I'll send you a private message requesting further details so that I can arrange an appointment for you. Just check the red envelope at the top left of this page. 
Speak Soon.

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