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tv channels

Why does my tv change channels when not in use. It's becoming irritating now, I've noticed that regularly my tv has changed channel from one I was watching before going to work. Returning from work I turn it on from stand by and find it's a different channel. WHY
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Re: tv channels

Is this a VM equipment related problem, or are you saying your TV is changing to a different Freeview channel?

If it is TV related, does it always change to the same channel? If it does then more than likely it is changing to check for software updates, or to update the EPG data in standby. These are only carried on one broadcast MUX, so the TV has to change channels in order to receive them.

VM boxes only tend to change channels like this overnight, when channels are removed or added.


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Re: tv channels

The Tivo recording suggestions, perhaps?

Just another VM user trying to help, so no guarantees that my advice will work .
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Re: tv channels

Hi Chris_williams,

A warm welcome to our community Smiley Happy

I just wanted to pop by and see how things are today?  I hope all is ok, if the issue is still present then it could be down to a couple of different things. nodrogd and Argy have suggested a couple of them already.  Another possibility is if you have multiple recordings occurring it may be changing over if any of the recordings are clashing.

Please keep me posted, I'm here to help.

Collette Smiley Happy


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