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reducing services

I currently have one tivo box a V+box and a standard set top box on my contract costing around £60 per month. I now however only use the V+box in our bedroom as the tivo box located in the lounge is never used as it is so slow and all my family members are constantly complaining about it so I turned it off and will never use it again, the standard set top box in my daughters room is also never used as she has moved out

I have tried phoning customer support to change my services but I was told that it would not be worth removing the tivo and other box as I have a loyalty discount and the monthly payments would be more than im paying. I just want the tivo and other set top box removed from my account but can’t seem to explain this to any one on the phone at customer support.

Im happy with the broadband service and don’t even use the landline

Does anyone have any experience of how to remove services such as tivo box from my account?



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Re: reducing services

Its unlikely you would be able to remove the TiVO now, as the other boxes you have will soon be obsolete if they are not already. All core package changes now result in a TiVO replacing all other boxes on customers accounts. Have you reported the issues with your TiVO? Has any action been taken to resolve the issues?

You can drop to a Landline & Broadband, or a Broadband only package, but the multi service discounts you lose by dropping services may not save you as much as you think.


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