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price rise

Right just got rid of my xl tv package and seriously thinking taking sky up on there 50% off for twelve months off has anybody else done this,iam keeping my phone and broadband with virgin media as strangely it would cost me more for stand alone broadband.My package before was tv xl ,100mg, and evening and weekends phone....price went up to £78.00 but was always higher,now i have the phone and broadband for £28.99 so basically i was paying about £50 for tv xl,granted i had a tivo box which i grew to hate over time with its constant crashing and sluggish system.I suppose the point iam making is could vm not offer a decent price and be just a wee bit more competitive with sky i mean with the half price offer i can have all the channels i had for £18 a month,big difference.

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Re: price rise

As far as TV price goes Virgin have to pay Sky for the rights to show the channels they supply. So given the fact that Virgin are in business to make money they will be slightly more expensive than Sky.So if you take off your special offer that is what Virgin make on there end of the deal.As far as them being more competitive with there prices those deals are kept for new customers not existing one's
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