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pixelation on some channels

I am experiencing serious pixelation on the following channels:


as you can some of them are good channels and Virgin supposedly pride themselves against sky for not having weather interrupting channels....well i was with sky for 10 years and NEVER had this problem in all weathers....soon as i move to Virgin not only is this happening but also the whole TV and broadband was down for 24 hours last week.

is this a common thing?

the status checker reports a TV issue but say nothing about pixelation? just about ondemand>?



post code is NE84NQ

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Re: pixelation on some channels

We had a similar issue ended up kicking VM TV after a few visits from various Tech's we decided enough was enough HD channels always worked perfectly SD were another story.
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Re: pixelation on some channels

Hi 1bit,


Thank you for coming in again and posting your comment for the Community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear about the pixelation on those channels, It's not the best when that happens. I've been looking into the boxes in the home and they're all looking well with some very healthy levels. Whether this has been resolved or ongoing still I'd like to know and certainly help.


Can you tell me if this is happening whilst viewing the shows in the evening or morning? I see that these are all SD content, are you seeing this on HD and also recorded/ On Demand content?


Keep in touch.



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Re: pixelation on some channels

its sorted later

there is a Virgin Cab around the corner that they were working on and they have left the doors open!!!

all digital transmissions are encoded so that 6 or 7 (random) are on each multiplexed channel of 5Mhz (or so) , thats why you get odd channels go funny

I still think Sky has better bit-rates than Virgin (better picture quality) and never had a problem regardless of weather, Ive just got to stamp on the floor and the picture goes funny for a second...wires all over the place (6 bed house) , splitters just lying around not even fixed to the wall and where the cable comes in it needs a power source to boost the power on the main splitter which again is just lying there on the floor, havent even bothered to fix it too the wall!!!! - ive checked the connections and they are all tight so dont know whats causing it to go off if i bang the floor or table


personal broadband = Virgin, best TV = Sky

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