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out of minimum contract period

I am now out of my 18 month  minimum contract period and i see offers for new customers, are these available to me or do i have to leave for a period and then rejoin or is it better just to switch providers.

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Re: out of minimum contract period

I am pretty sure I am right in saying you will never be eligible for new customer deals as you can only be a new customer once - if you leave and return you are considered a returning customer which I suggest is logical.

What seems to work for others on here is to contact retentions at the end of the minimum contract period when you have bargaining power and see if they will offer anything to keep you as a customer. Nothing daunting, just a friendly chat.

Be aware though that this would almost certainly mean starting a fresh contract period which will probably be no problem to most. I prefer to be contract free but it's totally personal choice.

Good luck with it.







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