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old v+ box not working - what now?

Since we got our tivo, we've been using the old v+ box as a second box in our bedroom.  As far as I understand it, we are not paying extra for this, (although it is mentioned on our bill... if someone could clarify this as an aside, I would be grateful).

About a month ago the box started playing up - randomly coming up as no signal and freezing.  The only way to get it working again is unplug then plug back in and let it reset.  Although inconvenient, this was fine for a short time.  Now, however, even that doesn't seem to work and it will often get stuck on L04 or L40.

Anyway, my main question is, where do we stand regarding getting this fixed? If we asked for it to be fixed or replaced do we then have to start paying for the additional box?

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Re: old v+ box not working - what now?

Your Virgin equipment is rented, so if it stops working replacement, if required, is free. The symptoms you describe can also be caused by a faulty cable splitter or connector. As soon as any problems arise then contact Virgin & they will investigate. Thats what you pay for. If your existing box is replaced, it will be like for like with another refurb V+HD. It wont affect your rental as you are not changing your package.


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Re: old v+ box not working - what now?

Hi Bob_ecob,


Thank you for coming back in and posting your comment.


I'm sorry that the V+ isn't working as it should be, I'd like to help and the tests I've run are coming back with as expected. 


I would like to arrange an engineer and I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.

Stay in touch.

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