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old Samsung box was dead

Hi my name is David
On Friday 3rd July I phoned to say that my old Samsung box was dead (the one with no HDMI connection or hard drive).
The person that took my call said that I could have like for like replacement, I said I would require an upgrade to a newer box? But was informed that I would need to sign a new 18 Month contract, I said that I could not do that because of my employment was not that secure to sign a new agreement.
If I could not upgrade to a new box, then I have no choice but to cancel my service with virgin media, I was informed that could not cancel the contract only my sister whose name was on the contract, my sister is at this moment abroad and would not likely return for several months.
I also informed the person that it was me that paid the standing order from my bank account.
I was also informed that if I cancelled the standing order that the bailiffs (sheriff officers in Scotland) would be sent to my address.
So in summary I should just shut up and pay out my money for a broken box that I now have no way of replacing.

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Re: old Samsung box was dead

You have been offered a replacement box and you should take it.


If your box is currently broken, then why do you continue to pay for a service that you cannot use?


You, as you are not the account holder, cannot take action on the account and contract. Only your sister can cancel the account.


If you stop paying, your sister will be liable for the account and the charges which will continue to accrue.

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