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new Samsung Smart TV lost internet connection to Superhub 3.0

Ive searched on here and seen that this issue appears to be a common one but posting this as a new query, in case there of any confusion.

I've just purchased a Samsung Smart TV (model UE32M5500AK), to replace my old CRT telly which was connected to my Virgin Tivo box via scart.

Setting up all worked fine, it seemed.  I connected the tivo box to the new tv via a HDMI cable and set up the internet connection via wi-fi.  It found the connection and logged on with no problem.  However around 30 minutes later when trying out all the apps, I find the TV can no longer connect to the internet.  It can see the wifi router and there is no problem with the signal on any of my other devices (laptop, tablet etc even the Now TV box also connected to the telly).  The Tivo box connection is working fine, so I can get all my channels and recording, just can't get the telly to work as a "smart" TV and connect to all the other apps.  Its not the Now TV box causing a conflict, as I found that the TV could no longer go online, just to see if that worked.
I've read some other responses on here about changing 2G and 5G names?  Totally confused, not sure how to find that or risk messing around with settings unless I know what I am doing!

Unfortunately connecting the router via an ethernet cable isn't an option, as the router is in a different room.  I would love to have it moved into this room but guess that I would need to get an engineer in to do that, to extend the cable etc.

Hope someone can help, finally get my telly into the 21st century and can't use it to its full intent!

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