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just a warning, I had a call last night from VM sales saying i can have sky movies and sport for £2.11 a month, she said that as i pay an average of £94 a month( wrong) it will only cost me £2.11. It turns out she was juggling the figures to make it sound like £2.11, i got a mail saying my new package was £96.11 a month which is over £16 more than my original package. This is the second time they have offered me something and both times its cost me more, definitely the last time i'll accept any changes to my package. So, if you get a call from them, beware what they offer you. I called them up to cancel but i still have to pay £15 partial month payment which i'm not happy about, I'm thinking virgin are on their last warning. Rant over.



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Re: mis-sold

Never take anything I'm offered. If you want to try saving money or change your package, pick up the phone & talk to the UK Retentions team (150 option 4 then 5).

And don't be under any illusions that the grass is greener on Sky's side of the fence:


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Re: mis-sold

They often try these kind of underhand tactics. They present figures based on two different ways of working them out, to make them *sound* better - I've had "the standard cost is x amount per month, but we can do it for x amount per week". Hang on, rewind and give me a like-for-like figure, please! Doesn't sound so impressive now, does it?

I work in a commercial role, selling is part of it, and I would never use these tactics. Customers are not stupid - if they don't realise straight away that you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes they soon will, and it damages their perception of your company.

Stop doing it Virgin!

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