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discovery channel poor picture quality

I thought i'd start to keep a diary of poor channel reception/quailty, picture sound sync issues, in an attempt to get some value for money from Virgin .

Discovery channel today has poor picture quality.  Moving images are pixelated.  Very irratating to watch so i've given up. Mainstream TV channels are ok, but they are free to air!!!!  Maybe it's just a poor service from virgin?  Wil it improve when they get ann extra £5/month next month????

Restarted the box as suggested by virgin, but all that did was make me miss a couple of minutes of tv with no change to picture quality.

Relly can't be bothered to phone Virgin and waste more of my time.

Anyone else having issues????

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Re: discovery channel poor picture quality

This was one of the main reasons we removed VM TV from our package HD channels were OK 5Star & 5 USA were unwatchable after 5pm. Also the never ending repeats became unbearable way to many channels not enough programmes to keep them fresh NCIS is the classic example. Last time I checked it was on something like 5 different channels
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Re: discovery channel poor picture quality

Hi Nidgester Smiley Happy


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post. 


I'm sorry to see that you've been having some pixelating issues on the TV and specific channel Discovery. i'd like to ask if this is happening on other channels also related to Discovery like HD or +1?


Also i'd like to ask if this is happening at all times of the day?


I've been running some needed tests and I've been able to find no fault standing out right now. I hope that this is the case and it's resolved itself.


Keep in touch.



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