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affordable toddler proofing

we have a pretty standard glass shelf stand with a 48 inch TV & soundbar on it, Tivo etc on the shelves below

we need to find a way of toddler proofing the area from visiting grandchildren  and I don't really want to waste £200+ on something like what we have now but with glass doors

 so,wondering how others have dealt with this. I think the TV is heavy enough and far enough back to not be an immediate topple risk. there may be some kit that came with it in the box in the attic for making it more secure. it's the tivo, blu ray, all the remotes... that need some protection,  and ideally we need a way of making the glass shelves unsuitable for climbing on also

 we have a fire guard on order, for the adjacent gas fire, but all of those nursery guard designs seem too high to have another blow the TV - they are typically 65cms high and the tv stand is 40 -45 i think ( have not measured it exactly)

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