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Yet another issue with Web TV Listings

In addition to all the other faults with the TV Listings on the Anywhere website I would like to add the following:

In the early hours of the morning you get a "Today" page as well as a date page for today.  eg on 22 June we have a today page for Wed 22 which will not let you scroll past 0530 as well as a Wed 22nd page which will also not let you scroll past 0530.  To see programs later on Wed you have to go to the Thursday page and scroll back in time.

Please for god sake put some effort into this working properly, how you are not absolutely embarrassed by the shoddy software you release is beyond me.  I am not here to beta test your efforts at coding!!!

TV Listings - duplication.png


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Forum Team
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Re: Yet another issue with Web TV Listings

Hi Sland,


Thanks for your post on the Forum. I'm sorry that the TV Listings on the TV Anywhere website last week were incorrect. Apologies as well for the delay in getting back to you and for any inconvenience this caused you.


Checking this, I can see that this issue was escalated to our technicians and is now resolved. Are you now getting the correct listings and dates? Please let me know.


Kind regards,


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