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Yamaha receiver volume blacking out TV screen

Hi all,

Thought I'd share a solution rather than post a question as it seems quite a common problem.

yesterday I had my Tivo installed and the engineer synced the controller to my Panasonic TV

All seemed fine and he left me to re-wire my surround sound via my Yamaha RX receiver.  Connected TiVo to amp with hdmi 1 and amp to TV hdmi1 then ensured amp displayed hdmi1 and checked TV also input hdmi1

All OK and so turned TV inbuilt speakers down to 0 then turned up volume on amp - BUT every time I changed volume either by knob on amp or amp remote the TV screen blanked out for 2/3 seconds although sound continued.

Very frustrating - tried everything - one solution was to plug TiVo direct to TV and use optical cable TiVo to amp for sound - yes this works but can be problematic down the line!

The solution was to change the TiVo settings:

Home button

Help and settings


video output

change to Video Output 1080i

choose the auto detect mode

Thats it - problem solved

PS - if those greyed-out channels annoy you just create a 'favourites' list -Smiley Happy

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Re: Yamaha receiver volume blacking out TV screen

Hi Stutrumpet65,


A warm welcome to the community Smiley Happy


Thanks for coming by with a solution to your issue with the picture loss when you change the volume. This is a great help.


We're always here to help should you need us for anything.  Anything helpful is always welcome here Smiley Happy


All the best,





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