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Why do we have to wait weeks and weeks for repairs?

OK, so the good news is we're back online (post on Broadband forum). A very nice man called Craig came this morning and laboured to repair the problem to our internet connection.

The problem is he couldn't sort the other cable that operates our On Demand service on our V+ box and so he put in a call for an engineer to sort that: 4th October! That's nearly 6 weeks away! He encouraged me to call 150 to get the date brought forward which I did. I preferred a 4-7 appointment but I was only offered 6th September 8-1 pm, meaning I have to take a day off work. The next one after that is 4th October.

I'm sorry but that's appalling. Why do customers have to wait so long for repairs to be carried out? Years ago when your telly went bust you called someone out he came out usually the same day to replace your valve or your tube!

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