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Why are Virgin Exclusives not available to all?

Why is it that I have to 'upgrade' to access the Virgin Exclusives? I just tried to view 'Magic City', the new show you're plugging in every other slot across the top of the Tivo menu. However I just get a message telling me to 'upgrade'.
I have an M+ package, but surely the Virgin Exclusives should be available to ALL Virgin customers, otherwise they're not really 'Virgin Exclusives', they're 'Virgin Premium Package Only Exclusives', aren't they??
If you join Amazon, for example, although - like with Virgin - you have to pay extra for some premium shows and movies, you ALWAYS get their Amazon exclusive content for free.
At the moment, what you're basically saying to non-Virgin subscribers is: 'Like this new show? Then join Virgin Media. Oh, but make sure you pay for the top, premium level package, because OUR exclusive shows are only for our RICHEST customers, not for the rest of the rabble...'
Way to make us feel valued, Virgin!
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Re: Why are Virgin Exclusives not available to all?

they are exclusive to virgin. there may be certain exclusives you may get that others won't get who are on a lower package than you.  sky do the same thing.

we have the top package of everything. i could argue though why i would have to pay for virgin on demand movies. some of those are exclusives, but again on a different tier in that i have to pay more to access them. 

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