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Why Has VM Not Got Back To Me As Agreed?

Last Friday 22 Jan I called 150 to seek to reduce the cost of my package as I pay £131.49/month and that goes up to £135.48/month from 01 Feb (XL TV, 150 Mbps broadband, Sky Movies, Sky Sports and phone.) I can't afford to keep paying that amount, so given we never watch Sky Movies, I sought a new deal.

I mentioned that I was considering Sky's latest offer and was passed to the retentions team where a delightful Emily looked into my request and came up with an offer which was the same line up as I have, less Sky Movies but increase to 200 Mbps broadband for £88.??/month. This apeared ideal but being cautious I pressed her on the conditions. She confirmed it was a 12 month contract and included Sky Sports. Also when I specifically asked if the price was fixed for the new contract period, she confirmed it was.

However, Emily was unable to complete the transaction as there was a security alert of the account and she was obliged to pass me on to Pamela who informed me that there was unauthorised activity in my account and I would not be able to log on until cleared. I informed Pamela that I had received a letter to this effect months ago and was in fact currently in my account as I had changed the password as requested. At Pamela's request I went through the security checks again to 'remove the tag' on my account.

When we were done, Pamela tried to complete my new contract but was not authorised so passed me back to the retentions team. I then spoke with Farage who took up my original request. However, he could not see the deal Emily had quoted me. For £88.??/month he offered an 18 month deal i.e. 9 months at £88.?? and increasing to £120 something/month. This was not acceptable to me given the earlier offer. Farage was unable to contact Emily as she was not in his team. He was in Manchester and I told him she was in Wales. Unfortunately her notes only recorded that I had called and been passed to security.

37 minutes after stating this process I was left with the only solution Farage could offer, which was to e-mail Emily's manager (he didn't have Emily's details) to ask the manager or Emily to call me back that day. I have heard nothing since and am reluctant to wait on the line and get to someone else that cannot help or takes up more of my time.

I would be grateful if someone from VM can pick this up and link me to the right persons. I'll provide contact details through a personal message when requested.


Antony Gray

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Re: Why Has VM Not Got Back To Me As Agreed?

Oh! the dreaded bureaucratic bounce.

Retentions passed you to billing, then billing passed you to sales. Sales cannot see all the deals that are available, Retentions can.


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Re: Why Has VM Not Got Back To Me As Agreed?

I have had this issue on several occasions with the exception of dealing with a lady called Hannah who has been fantastic. Maybe Hannah and Emily go do some training to assist the problems
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Re: Why Has VM Not Got Back To Me As Agreed?

Do you really belief all this , with the technology available to them? you are just getting messed about,and believe me you will not get any answers on here, they are masters of deception, and fabrication.

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Re: Why Has VM Not Got Back To Me As Agreed?

I will call you back is the same as the cheques in the post.