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Where are all the TV Channels

I pay for TV, But all I get is multiple channel's  with the same programs, and constant repeats. Plus a mass of inane comedy and soaps from the US. The UK is in Europe so where are the European programs. Virgin TV is a massive con. I only have it because of the fast BB, but am seriously thinking of going back to Freeview. Does anyone else find Virgin TV poor value for the money

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Re: Where are all the TV Channels

Virgin is not responsible for the broadcasters that want to join the platform, or the content their channels contain. These channels are obviously making money or they would not survive. Its a free market.


As for foreign channels. For Virgin to provide them they have to be licenced in the UK, & observe all of OFCOM's rules on content/watershed etc. For many of these channels excluding the factual ones this would mean setting up a UK version of the channels either here or abroad. The other issue is broadcast rights, most of which are sold on a country by country basis. Any channel in breach of this would be open to legal action.


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