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Where are all the Freeview Channels

I am really surprised that Virgin Media don't offer their customers all Freeview Channels on their system as I note there are quite a number of Freeview Channels offered by other providers, such as, Sky and BT on the ordinary packages. In fact, I have Freeview in the bedroom television and there are some very good channels available that Virgin don't give even in their Basic, Medium or Large Television Bundles, why is this, anybody know?

Whilst I am on the subject, how come Virgin would rather charge customers £6 for an extra box to be fitted in another room when Sky offer free Wi-Fi hub connections that can be used around the home without an extra charge to their customers?  Why can't long standing customers from NTL days get more benefits!


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Re: Where are all the Freeview Channels

Simple answer. What is free to you is not free to the channel owner. They have to pay to join every TV platform they want too, so all the offerings on each platform are going to be different.

BT, TalkTalk & Plusnet both piggyback on Freeview services, so have no involvement in the content. On satellite, a channel owner who wants to be available free-to-air signs a deal for capacity direct with the satellite operator (SES in Belguim). The only involvement with Sky/Freesat is a nominal fee to have an EPG (guide) listing.

So joining VM is yet another additional cost for them. Some don't want the additional expence. Some, like the Horror channel, choose instead join one of the subscription packs in order to gain income from being on VM, hence you have to pay for them on VM but nowhere else.

VM does not have free additional boxes, but they do offer TV Anywhere that allows you to view your channels on any device via WiFi. If you have one of the new V6 boxes you can also now view your recordings this way.

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