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When Will The New Craft Channels Be On Virgin?

It's been six months now since two new Craft channels ie Hochanda & The Craft Channel were launched and still Virgin Media customers are the poor relations when it comes to getting them on their TVs. I appreciate that invites have to be given, received and accepted but what exactly is happening?

Do you realise that you have craft loving Virgin customers who want to know what the heck is going on but who feel they are being kept in the dark by all those concerned. All we want to know is will they be shown on Virgin or should we invest our subscription fees with another TV supplier who does show these channels?

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Re: When Will The New Craft Channels Be On Virgin?

How many craft-loving Virgin Media customers are there?

As the second post on this thread, the current percentage is 50%, but I imagine the real percentage is orders of magnitude less.

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