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WWE Raw Partial recording issue

I have a v+ box, and every week, my live WWE Raw recording does a "partial rec", sometimes it only loses 5 mins or so, which i can cope with, but often it will not record half of it at all. Last week it was partial record, and the other part was recorded "unknown channel" and have 0mins and 0hours as the recording time, so i got 1 hour of a 3 hour show

the issue i think is the box updating, but is there any to stop this happening?

i have plenty of room on my box, so its not that 

This show is the only one i really look forward to every week and i am gutted when i cant watch Smiley Sad 

Is catch up available for this show? i am on the xl package, with sports but no movie channels 

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Re: WWE Raw Partial recording issue

All V+HD boxes reconfigure their EPG's & other updates between midnight & half past. This is hard wired into the boxes & has been since they were introduced as the amount of processor resources required makes the box unresponsive. Some updates cause a reboot (& hence partial recordings), but this should only happen occasionally. If it starts to become regular this can be due to signal issues or a failing box.

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