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Virgin "FREEVIEW" charges

Why does Virgin charge of premium rate for supplying certain "FREEVIEW" channels - which are already supplied free of charge if you have the appropriate tv etc.


I feel it's a bit of a cheat to make money on something that I would be getting free of charge had I not opted for Virgin - I assumed I would get all FREEVIEW channels.

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Re: Virgin "FREEVIEW" charges

Virgin does not charge for it's "TV M" package, which is the nearest Freeview equivalent. The only stipulation is that you take the Landline package as well. Virgin is after all a "Pay TV" service.


The "Free" channels are also included in the chargeable packs, but then this is true of all Pay TV platforms, not just Virgin.


Also it is up to the broadcaster what package they join on any platform, so its not unusual to see a channel free on one platform, but pay on another. The only channels OFCOM insists must be free across all platforms are the basic PSB channels (All BBC, ITV1, Channel 4 & Channel 5 in standard definition).


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