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Virgin media lie and do not care about their customers

I would like someone from Customer Services to contact me, as I am fed up of hearing scripted nonsensical answers from your employees on the phone, and none of your managers care enough about your customers (which amounts to > £1k per year) to spare me two minutes of their time.

We have had severe issues with our TiVO box since the summer - it is so slow to navigate and basically impossible to watch anything through the on demand function. This week I have had to watch a film in four sittings on four separate nights because it keeps crashing and will not let you re-open the film.

I called in Sept after experiencing these performance issues for a couple of months and Virgin Media told us there was an issue in our area, but that it would be repaired by early Dec. Therefore, I called on Friday night to see why we are still experiencing issues, only to be told that the same issue is still occuring and the repair date was now Mar 2017.

Given we have already patiently waited for many months whilst receiving a service that is not fit for pupose, can you please explain to me:

1.) why you do not inform customers of these issues in the first place - you continue to take full payment from their accounts whilst knowing you are not providing the service being paid for. Surely this amounts to fraud?!

2.) why you do not notify customers when you have delayed the repair job by such a large period of time (3 months in this instance, although I have no confidence that the repair will be performed by the new scheduled date)

3.) why I should consider remaining a customer of Virgin Media at all, and why I should continue to pay the full monthly fee for this service

As I say, I explained to customer services on the phone that my dissatisfaction was as much to do with the dishonesty of the Virgin's behaviour as the lack of tv service itself, but clearly your managers did not consider this to be important enough to hear my point. The one-off £5 credit I was offered was absolutely derisory but also completely misses the point.

I look forward to your response.

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Re: Virgin media lie and do not care about their customers

good post but don't hold your breath for a response.

 VM bosses do not post here , the best you'll get as a " sorry to hear that" post from forum staff, in a few days time.

 it's a put up or shut up / vote with your feet sort of service

some of us stay only because the bits that do work are worth having.

What Virgin don't appreciate is the reputational damage that goes down on this forum. e.g. I regularly get flyers for "great mobile deals" - I used to study those and be tempted. Now I just think of latest horror stores in the virgin mobile sub forum and bin them.. I've moved all my email from blueyonder to gmail; that saves VM a little overhead short term but as soon  a serious fast broadband competitor comes along for my postcode  then Virgin email is another debacle that will encourage me to leave. Then there's ( was) personal web space and other failed /withdrawn add-ons...

 when I joined (telewest) there was freephone 0800, 7 days per week tech support from UK based guys who were very good at their jobs. Now the only time I would comtemplate picking up the phone is if all the equpment lights go off & everything stops working. If I need tech help its the users and superusers here that I turn to , not the script monkeys in whatever 3rd world country has the cheapest rates this week.

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Re: Virgin media lie and do not care about their customers

Hello adambenson,


Welcome to the community and I'm sorry about the problems you've experienced so far.


Unfortunately we're unable to arrange callbacks from different departments as we're forum based but if you don't wish to call in then I would recommend speaking to our online chat team which you can find here.


Otherwise from the description of the fault you're experiencing and also the signals on the box I would like to arrange for a technician to take a look at this for you so if you click on the purple envelope at the top right of the screen you will see another message from me with further details.


Speak to you soon.

Forum Team

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