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Virgin TV Anywhere - not working in Jersey


I'm having problems using Virgin TV Anywhere in Jersey - responses to other posters with this problem suggest that Jersey is considered part of the UK and there shouldn't be any issue?

When trying to view using the app on a nexus 10 I get the error code D:14.

When trying to view using a laptop (Windows Vista on IE or Firefox) no error comes up, but the loading icon just goes round indefintely.

Even when trying to look at manage devices through browser the loading icon stays on screen and nothing happens. There is an FAQ at the bottom of the page that looks useful, which says:

"Why does the device registration page sometimes hang, and I just see a wheel spinning?"

However it's completely unresponsive when clicking on it.

Has anyone had any of these problems before?

When using my account in England I have no problems whatsoever.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Virgin TV Anywhere - not working in Jersey

Jersey has its own set of IP addresses. Try to connect from one of these, & certainly your live TV will be locked out. You should still be able to program your TiVO outside the UK.


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