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Virgin Package

Hi, just a quick one as I'm looking for a bit of info/advice. I recently opened a virgin account (tv, broadband, telephone) via a package I had through the post. As it represented better value than the package I had, I opted for it. I have just noticed the Big Daddy package (currently on Big Kahuna Sports). The package I'm on is currently on a 12 month reduced price then 6 months full price. If I was to change to the Big Daddy would I be able to get it at the 6 month reduced price (which is more than I'm paying for 12months) bearing in mind I only took out virgin on the 13th August (25 days) Or would I need to cancel the existing package as I am within the 28 day period and then go to take out the Big Daddy package

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Re: Virgin Package

Hi there rcoley, 


I'd like to thank you for your post, and welcome you to Virgin Media. The opening offer that you received would be tied to the package that you agreed upon. So amendments to that may make any discounts invalid. We're unable to discuss individual account issues via the forums due to security, so in this instance I'd have to ask you to give us a call on 150 or 0345 454 1111 so we can pass security and look at your package to find out what would be the best deal for you.


Many thanks



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