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Vevo playlists


I'm having trouble loading playlists on the vevo app, when I select one of my playlists it says 'one moment' but then goes no further.  I have rung CS and the lady checked an outage list for my area and said this is a known fault and the way around it is to exit the app and load up again.  Ive done this loads of times and it never works for me. 

The lady said the issue has been logged since January but has not as yet been fixed, do I just need to accept that it wont work or does anyone have any other ways they've found to make the playlists work??

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Re: Vevo playlists

Hi there mking3181, 

I'm really sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue when attempting to watch your VeVo playlist. I believe when you called in the agent you spoke to was referring to a known issue with the reference NKE7497. 

This issue normally occurs in between two different videos (normally where an advert would play. We are currently investigating this issue with vevo in order to determine a fix. 

However from your description, this doesn't sound like the issue you're getting. I've run some testing on your connection, and can see that there does seem to be an issue with bandwidth issues which would cause problems with any app that uses the modem with in the TiVo®. Our network technicians are currently upgrading parts of the network to increase bandwidth availability, with the reference  F003519417 with a review date of 20/07/2016

Apologies once again. 


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