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Very bad service

Is anyone else having issues with on demand services? I can never seem to watch channel 4 programmes using on demand service usually I get error code 319 and resetting the tivo box doesn't solve the issue. In fact ever since the update a few months ago my service has been terrible, lagging when you go from guide to my shows or just choosing another channel. I've complained about this before and I get nowhere when I first got virgin media 10 years ago it was a much better service than today and it was cheaper. If I wasn't tied into a contract I would have moved to sky sorry but that's how bad things have got. Okay the broadband is better these days but who uses the telephone nowadays it's all tied in as a package deal. When will you provide a better service to your very long time customers?.
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Re: Very bad service

I totally agree with you but you can ring and get a better deal for such poor service.