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VIP / Broken box - V+HD / Crazy


Has anyone experienced this?

Despite being on the top pack (and have been for many, many years) I have a Tivo and (still!) a V+HD. The V+HD died so I rang them up and the engineer came out today. He swapped it for another V+HD and not a Tivo. 

For my pack I should have a 1Tb and a 500Gb Tivo, actually now I should have 2 x V6s. Anyway, I asked the engineer if the V+HD boxes are being phased out why are they putting another one in? He said that they have to swap like for like and if I wanted the Tivo I should have had, I need to ring up again and they will send an engineer out again.

How crazy is that - two trips will be required and the first one just to put old kit in! I'm already annoyed as the call centre told me both boxes were showing online and working correctly when in fact, the V+HD has been off for two weeks as it won't power on.






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Re: VIP / Broken box - V+HD / Crazy

As you say, you are on the top pack, which is a 2 box deal. However, there are older VIP packages. Unless you upgrade to the latest VIP package you stay with the same boxes, which are swapped like for like if they fail.

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