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V+ boxes - the very noisy truth

So after have a very long and happy relationship with SKY for 15 years we moved to a house where Virgin was already installed. 


After listening to the sales patter, we decided to sign up for 18 months.  The promise of a "free"  V+ box for the bedroom for us to record and watch TV on was too exciting to resist . . . . then the sleepless nights started. Initially we thought we were just unlucky, a dodgy box we were told, but after looking into things, we find out we are not alone!  Other people are suffering sleepless nights, are not able to watch TV as the noise of the V+ box drowns out the sound of the TV.


After being fobbed off with a box swap, we confront CS and they fess up, admitting the V+ boxes are noisy and they are no longer sold because of this.   So we've had our fingers burnt, we've been sold a white elephant what to do?  We offer a solution, a compromise, and hand our V+ box back and downgrade to a bog standard V box - OK so we wont be able to record, but we will get a good nights sleep and to be able to watch tv and hear the sound.


When I ask CS if they would consider some sort of compensation that tell me NO.  You didn't have to pay for the V+ box, it was included in the "deal" I am told. 


Then answer me this Virgin Media - ive been paying for a deal which includes a V+ box which is basically unusable and until today has sat in our bedroom unplugged so we can sleep!  Doesn't sound like a very good deal to me!


May I suggest that if your aim is to retain customers, your CS staff clearly need some training in maths.  Our 18 months of business will be just shy of £1,800 and on the eve of our 17 month you will be receiving our notice of closure of account, resulting in zero pennies from us to you!


Warning to new customers . . . if it sounds too good to be true, it DEFINATELY is!!!

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Re: V+ boxes - the very noisy truth

I have said all along that refurb V+ boxes are not the thing to give to new customers. However, to say they all bad is wrong, as they are most definately not, & some people have requested to go back to them having had a TiVO installed. Most of the time a swapout is all that is needed. The boxes are rented, so this is never a problem.


Cable customer since 1993. Services: FH TV, Sky Sports & Movies (2xV+), Talk Unlim Telco, VIVID 100, Virgin PAYG Mobile


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