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V+ box refurbishment - what do they do ?

In April my Samsung V+ box failed - wouldnt record properley.  Techie replaced with a refurbed unit.  Three days later that failed.  Swapped it out again.

At the weekend - that failed - wouldnt record got stuck on the delay live tv.  Hard drive goosed i'd guess. Techie came out today and swapped it out.  The unit worked fine - for 6 hours.  Now its suffering from stuttering recordings, failed recordings, recovered content everywhere. Night mare.

Assuming that there is no underlying issue with my service that is causing V+ boxes to fail.

How exactly do VM refurb these boxes - open them up, blow out the dust, reformat the HD, close it up and pass it on to the next customer ?  Are they tested under working conditions ? I would expect better length of service from any refurbished electrical product from any reputable company.

Does the hard drive get changed ?  Surely it must after several years of continual spinning it's lifetime is limited.  Other electronic components replaced ?

Oh well will just call in the morning and roll the dice again.

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Re: V+ box refurbishment - what do they do ?

Nobody has ever mentioned if the process is in-house or farmed out to a contractor. My suspicions are the latter.


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