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V+ Recording dropping back to live TV

This seems to be more a curiosity than an actual problem, but I wonder if anyone has experienced anything like this:

Although during the week my V+ Plus box is usually 'parked' on Sky News, over the weekend it stays on GinxTV (ch290) so I don't hear the football results. ( I watch MoTD Sunday a.m. and MoTD2 Monday a.m.)

Twice last weekend and twice this weekend, a recording I've been watching has dropped back to live TV even though the programme playback timer continues to advance.

The wierd thing though is that each of the four occasions it has dropped back at the start of exactly the same advert, namely the one for Amazon Prime's Mr Robot series!

As I said, this is no big problem as all I had to do is go back to the recordings menu and restart the playback but I just thought this was rather strange.

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