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V+HD Box - Viewer defined on recordings?



Just a few days ago changed over to Virgin from Sky. Happy with most things but struggling to find how you can define where you want to watch on a recording? 


On Sky when watching a recording it gave you the option of - start, end or 'viewer defined'. So if I had watched 20mins of a programme and had to pop out, I could come back to watch it another time and pick to view from 20mins. I can't seem to find this on Virgin, have both a TiVo box and V+HD, can you do it on both or either of them? Seems like a basic setting to have. 



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Re: V+HD Box - Viewer defined on recordings?

By default the TiVo will remember the last point you watched to and start the recording playing back from there.


You can't skip to a specific time, but while fast-forwarding at the highest speed, pressing the >| button will skip you to the next white line on the green progress bar, so you can quickly get to a specific point.

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Re: V+HD Box - Viewer defined on recordings?

This facility is also built into the V+, but you will only see the options if the playback is stopped partway through. If you are at the start of the recording & want to go forward 30 minutes for example, you would need to start playback, stop again (so you go back to the list of recordings) & then re-select again. You will then see the options (Start, End or User defined).


A word of warning. If you are trying to play back a recording that is still in progress, the rewind button & the "user defined" option on this menu may not work, as the box cannot define the end of the recording until it has stopped.


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Re: V+HD Box - Viewer defined on recordings?

Hi Helen2101,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I just wanted to pop by and see how things are for you?


And also to pop our Discover TiVo® page as it can have some useful information on how the TiVo® works.  


We're here to help anytime you need us, don't hesitate to give us a shout if you have any queries. Smiley Happy

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