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V+ Box Swap to TIVO

I have two Tivo boxes and two V+ boxes.  

One of the Tivo boxes was a recent enforced swap.  Before that I only had one Tivo box and three others.  

When I asked why only one box showed on the on line box swap booking process I was told that only one og the other boxes was of the model being replaced at that time.   The order went through and the self-installation was straightforward.

However, now the other two V+ boxes are sending a message to the associated TV screen saying they will cease to operate after 31 May and to order a swap to Tivo on the Virgin Media site.  The problem is when I visit this site all I gat is the status of my earlier swap i.e. order completed, with no opportunity  to order new boxes.

Any ideas?





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Re: V+ Box Swap to TIVO

As far as I know the very old Scientific America V+ boxes have to be swapped. The newer Samsung V+ box should still be okay. I have not seen any messages on my Samsung V+ box. I have read somewhere that the V+ box is now obsolete and future failures​ may be replaced with a Tivo, which is a shame because the V+ may not have as many gimics (sorry features) but is more responsive.
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