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Useless responses from the Forum team

It seems to be the case that current response times from the Forum team take about a fortnight and this is not helped by the ludicrous formula used to deal with responses. Post a problem, someone responds and you immediately go to the back of the queue.

But what makes it worse is that a standard response from the Forum team, after the fortnight wait, is along the lines of, if you still have a problem then come back to us and wait another fortnight for a response.

It is obvious from experience and other customer posts that phoning tends to be a painful experience as is web chat as well as the unacceptable delays here on the forums.

VM really do need to invest in sufficient staff to deal with customer issues or it is going to cost them. No point in saying other providers are just as bad, we have our contracts with VM.

And review the forum software as the current way it handles posts is not fit for use.


NB. Should I ever get a response from the Forum team it will probably be time to eat my Easter egg.

Nice to be able to post again, after their mistake (removed by the Censorship team).
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Re: Useless responses from the Forum team

Completely agree with you. I've given up on getting help from the Forum. It's useless in regards to urgent problems. I'd much rather spend my time on the phone.

Some things CS can't help with so I try this forum, and even that takes months to sort out.

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