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Unrequested shows in 'Recently Deleted' on Tivo

Our Tivo box keep showing recordings in the Recently Deleted, that we have never recorded, and that have never even appeared in My Shows either!

Any ideas why this is happening?

Not a problem as such, but certainly odd.

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Re: Unrequested shows in 'Recently Deleted' on Tivo

Hi there ajf, 

Thank you for your post, and although this may seem odd to you, I think I know where these shows are coming from. 

It sounds as if your TiVo® is recording Suggestions - The TiVo® has a function where it learns what TV shows you like - it uses information from the shows you record, and if you've used the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on a show. It will store these in the Suggestions folder in My Shows. 

It will remove these shows from time to time, to allow space for shows that you wish to record. Should you not wish to record these suggestions, you can indeed turn this option off in the TiVo® menu. Just follow this path:

HOME > Help & Settings > Settings > Recordings > Suggestions >

Please let me know if this helps you out at all. 



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