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UHD/4K Virgin TV ?

With BT having already launched the UK's first Ultra HD TV channel, and the majority of new TVs being sold now being UHD/4K capable sets has anyone managed to get any kind of straight answer out of Virgin about when they plan to replace the existing TIVO boxes with a UHD capable solution?

Additionally has anyone managed to get similar information about starting/expanding UHD broadcasts from BT or Sky?

I'm looking towards my next broadband/TV contract and with my nice new UHD TV in place, and UHD Netflix and Amazon Prime already signed up for, I don't intend to be stuck with a broadcaster who won't be advancing with the market.

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Re: UHD/4K Virgin TV ?

Are they broadcasting in 1080p yet?

I'd also query your comment about the majority of new TV's being 4K

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Re: UHD/4K Virgin TV ?

They seem to be too busy going the opposite way. Dolby Digital no longer supported with optical output deleted from the specification:

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