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Tv guide listings wrong

On Thursday 7th a new series of Railroad Alaska started on Discovery channel, unfortunately due to the fact that the t.v guide was wrong and showed it as on Wednesday my series link recorded the wrong programme. Today I went to watch it and realised that it was the wrong programme !!! 'I've checked and it isn't being repeated again before the next episode and there's no catch up for Discovery so now I've missed it all together. What's the point of having all this wonderful modern technology that virginn advertise when they cant even get the t.v listings right !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Tv guide listings wrong

I think in most cases Virgin are supplied the TV guide by the broadcasting channel and I think it would be a rare occasion that a TV show does not have a repeat showing.if the TV guide I have just looked at is accurate there is an episode of that show on today at 10am cannot guarantee this is the episode you missed ? But its worth a look I stand corrected it was shown last night at 6 pm
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Re: Tv guide listings wrong

Genuine EPG errors can be emailed to who tend to correct them within a day or so.

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