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Toshiba 32E2533DB Remote Code

Hi, my Mother In Law has a Toshiba 32E2533DB TV, I cannot find any codes to link her Virgin TV Remote to the Volume on the TV. The Set Top Box she is using is a V HD Box.

I have spoken to Virgin and they have instructed me to contact Toshiba as they do not have the code required.

Toshiba said: "We have codes for Sky and BT. The Virgin codes are with Virgin due to Virgin Media having a large number of different remote controls depending on which set top box you have. Therefore there is no specific code"

"We can only suggest you try Virgin once more as, unlike Sky and BT, we do not hold any codes from them?"

Can someone please help as apparently no-one else can.

Many Thanks


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Re: Toshiba 32E2533DB Remote Code

Hi TommyMcMusic,

A warm welcome to our community Smiley Happy

I'm sorry to hear you've not had any luck in finding the correct code for this TV so far.  I just wanted to pop our online Remote Control Guide incase you've not seen it yet and hope it may help.

If we don't have the correct code that's as far as we can assist.  The advice given to you by Toshiba is not entirely correct.  For the box you have there is only 1 type of remote control so it's a matter of finding the correct code of the make/model of the TV set.  We do try and keep our list of codes up to date as frequently as we can but as codes are coming out all the time across the many brands around we don't always have the latest, especially if the TV set is brand new or newish.

If in the event you need to get back in touch with Toshiba support then feel free to direct them to this post which may help them understand what's happening.  

I hope you have some luck with the guide, keep us posted on how you get on.

Collette Smiley Happy


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