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The only thing that fixed my TiVo slowness...

...after a few weeks of it being painfully slow and not showing TV listings, was to do a full restore to factory settings. I did that two weeks ago and it has been working as normal since then...annoying since obviously I lost everything I'd recorded but there was nothing on there I desperately wanted to keep.

One thing I had noticed was that if I went to Home>Help &Settings>Settings>Network then it was always showing 'Connection in progress; get status', and hadn't managed to complete for a few weeks. When I checked the status it had downloaded but when loading info onto the TiVo the highest I ever saw it get was 13%, and that took two days then got stuck.

I know it's a drastic step to take but it was the only thing that worked in the end!
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Re: The only thing that fixed my TiVo slowness...

Hi Moosey,

Thanks so much for your post. I'm sorry that you have been having a problem with your TiVo responding slowly and had to restore the box to factory settings. 

We really appreciate the information you have provided and I'm glad to hear that this has improved the TiVo performance for you. This should be very helpful to other customers who are experiencing the same issue.

When you noticed that the connection was stuck, did you try rebooting the TiVo in order to reconnect to the network? I'm curious if rebooting the TiVo helped prior to restoring the box back to factory settings.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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