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The Problem with boxsets

Was watching scandal, had made it to season 5, went to visit my parents for a few days, came back and it had gone... I have recordings of season 6, but don't want to watch them before before finishing season 5...I did check for when it would be removed when I started watching, but I don't think it said then. Would be nice to know before you start watching to decide if you can invest the required amount of time before it goes.

Also While at my parents who have sky started watching dc legions of tomorrow, managed about 4 episodes of season 1, came back thinking it was still on virgin.. and it wasn't..sad its still on sky, but no longer on virgin.

Anyway hopefully they will come back before I forget what has happened.

And in future I'll probably have to wait until I can do a 48 hour marathon or something before starting to watch a box set.....



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Re: The Problem with boxsets

Box sets SHOULD  give you an "available until" date, so you can work out if you have enough time to watch the season/s  available/you are interested in or not.

If not, report the particular box set in the appropriate forum section and staff should pick it up for you..

On a separate but related note, I wouldn't stress too much about missing DC's Legends of Tomorrow . I watch a lot of their stuff, but legends was like getting teeth pulled. Painful and to be avoided if at all possible.